E.Mitsa          violin  

K.Sakalis  keyboards

  A.Zachariadis  vocals-guitar

D.Vakaloudis  percussion

K.Vouzakis   guitars

The Archanthropoi were formed by Alexandros Zachariadis in 1997 in Thessaloniki Greece. They took their name from the first men on earth ( Archanthropes ) 1 million years ago. The members of the band are: Alexandros Zachariadis (vocals, music, lyrics), Konstantinos Sakalis (keyboards), Krystallis Vouzakis (guitars), Elisabeth Mitsa (Violin) and Dimitris Vakaloudis (percussion) Most musicians were members of former groups, while Alexandros Zachariadis also participated in groups in the rock scene of Leeds, during his stay in UK. The music of the group while it covers the ground between classic and alternative rock, avoids to adopt the synthetic labels that are invented by the shifty persons for the renewal of ephemeral fashion and are served as ¨experimentation ¨ and ¨modernity'¨. The lyrics are in Greek and the thematics of the songs concern life, love, today's problems metaphysical, and existential searches. All stories full of interchanging figures and heroes with human weaknesses, who deny however to surrender. Their first disc "The Flight of Icarus" released by "Wipeout" in 1998 and the second one "Enigmas And Secrets" in 2002. Their new CD "Ephemeral Lovers" was brought out by Smile records..

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